Spiritual Journey Track

Spiritual Journey Track is a Map to guide a Christ follower on their spiritual journey.

God has given you a purpose, your Spiritual Journey Track is designed to help you live out your life in Gods purpose.

Building relationships with a community of believers.

Learning to understand biblical foundational truths.

Learn what it means to join the Community @ Atwater Community Church, discover your spiritual gifts and talents.

Opportunity to connect and serve with an Atwater ministry.

Step 1. Welcome to Atwater Find out how to connect with our church community.

Find out who we are, what we believe.

Membership meal with leaders.

Step 2. Details of your personality, gifts and talents.

Where you best fit in ministry.

Step 3. Develope your Leadership.

Find out what it means to be a servant leader by strengthening your character and gifting to fulfill your God given purpose.

Step 4. Connect to ministry opportunities to live out your God given purpose.